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It is estimated that approximately 20 million tons of industrial paint is produced annually world-wide. Such large amount of paint requires a proportionately large number of personnel for its application, supervision and quality control.

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The magnetic particle examination method is used for locating surface or near surface discontinuities in materials that have strong magnetic properties, such as iron or steel. Iron particles (referred to as a medium) are applied to the surface of the test object after or during the application of a magnetizing force to the test object. The particles accumulate at any discontinuity opening in the magnetic field to form a visual indication thereby detecting certain discontinuities that are present in the material. Since magnetic particle testing is capable of revealing discontinuities economically, it is one of the most widely used non-destructive test methods.

Course contents :

Principles of magnetism; magnetic fields; induction; permeability and reluctance; magnetisation; lines of force, methods of testing; interpretation of indications; demagnetisation; practical exercises; methods of assessing sensitivity; instruction writing.

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