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It is estimated that approximately 20 million tons of industrial paint is produced annually world-wide. Such large amount of paint requires a proportionately large number of personnel for its application, supervision and quality control.

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Suitable for:

Candidates who already hold BGAS-CSWIP grades 3 and 2 in painintg/painting inspection. This, the advanced qualification, deals specifically with offshore projects.

Course Content:

Zones of offshore structures; offshore working; safety offshore; emergency procedures / escape routes; permit to work sysytems; vessel entry and enclosed space working; fire protection; BS 5378 safety signs and colours; BS 1710 identification of pipelines; finish color schedules BS381C and BS4800.

Course Objectives:
  • To recognise zones and structures of offshore platforms.
  • To recognise the dangers and the safety precautions required when working offshore.
  • To understand the importance and nature of fireproof coatings.
  • To understand paint systems and their use for particular substrates and temperatures.
  • To pass BGAS-CSWIP grade-1 examination.
Certifiing Authority


Duration : Four-day training with a half-day examination on day 5.

  • Candidate must hold a current Grade-2 qualification. A good knowledge of offshore working, safety and painting inspection is required.

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